Intentional in 2010

This year the tag phrase for my family is Intentional. My wife and I attended a goal planning retreat over the weekend which will benefit our childrens children. Not only did we work on our overall communication but we planned how we would be intentional in all aspects of our lives. For example, we want to be intentional in our finances i.e. budget. We want to be intentional in our ministry. To sum up the weekend we want to “happen” to our lives instead of 40 years down the road realizing that our lives have happened to us. So my questions today are:

– How are you being Intentional? and,

-What will you do today to happen to your life?



2 Responses to “Intentional in 2010”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I think to really make changes we have to have good friends that will partner with us in accomplishing our goals.

    And when married, communication and agreement with spouse is essential. Not just in the financial aspects of life, but in all areas.

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