Man in the Mirror (Part 1)

Why can’t we get past ourselves? Why do our selfish desires ultimately lead to our demise? There are many psychological behaviors that can lead to many destructiveness with money. In my first post I will explore the problems. The 2 areas that I believe I struggle in the most are:

1. The Need to Please

I ultimately believe that a person has to please others because they deeply yearn for others acceptance. It is through this need of acceptance that we will display various behaviors that we never expect and don’t realize until the actions have already occurred. During extreme needs to please we buy stuff that we can’t afford to please people we don’t even like. Our whole reality takes on a form of a needy child that has never known love. Which leads to the next example.

2. The Need to Feel Accepted

Whether it was being the last picked during basketball (me) or not wearing the right kinds of jeans (you know the ones with all the drawings on the butt). We feel left out. We want to gain acceptance from worldly items. We go out and buy expensive clothes so that we can keep up with the ladies at church. Guys buy toys that they can show off to their buddies. In reality, we just want to have the stage for a few minutes. We want to be talked about for awhile.

And yet in the background we wreck our families. We destroy our homes. We lose the respect that we need the most; our kids and spouse. It doesn’t have to end like that though. Hope is attainable. Your life can be meaningful. You can be happy without worldly possession. You don’t have to die by the sins of the father. I will tackle the steps you must take to find your yourself in my next post and how gaining your identity will help you win with your finances.

Do you struggle with the need to be accepted and please others?

Do you know someone that does?



3 Responses to “Man in the Mirror (Part 1)”

  1. Anna Light Says:

    I just wrote about my freedom from people-pleasing today! Probably why we’re a little under 6 months of being debt free! Who freakin’ cares if we don’t have the latest and greatest stuff!? No one!

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