People always ask me what is one thing that I recommend, that I do personally, to anyone in financial distress. That one thing would be to K.I.S.S IT. As you can imagine I usually get very puzzled looks. So I say it a bit slower: K–I–S–S   I–T. For all of you Art History majors out there the definition for the K.I.S.S. rule is:





The most important rule in your finances is to Keep It Simple Stupid. Do a personal finance search in Google and see how many different opinions you can get. It is mind blowing. It is  impossible to wade through all the junk and find the most beneficial information. So if you are not a finance guru and you graduated with a gerontology degree keep this one rule in mind when making over or starting out on your personal finance journey.

What is your One Thing that you need to K.I.S.S?



2 Responses to “K.I.S.S. IT”

  1. Kim Kamp Leslie Says:

    Great concept and easy to remember. Sometimes I overwhelm myself with details when I just need to cut things to find the core. Being on a sabbatical for 3 months has forced me to pay more attention to the piddly expenditures everyday!! WOW – I needed to stop and consider my stupid purchases (I.e. Sonic 3 times a day for a drink, Starbucks, etc) to break some bad financial habits.

    Great post friend!!!

  2. Clint Says:

    I know what “K.I.S.S.” means, but what does the “I.T.” of the “KISS-IT” mean?

    Are you suggesting those who are unsure about their degree to pursue a degree in Information Tech.? 😀

    For those in the military, use your T.A. (Tuition Assistance). It is up to $4,500 a year you can use for education. I got an Associates and Bachelors for almost nothing (just paid for books). What’s next, trying to get a FREE Master’s degree! If you’re in the military and not working towards your degree, why are you sitting around?!?

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