My Story

I grew up in an affluent family with no real understanding of how to balance a check book. As you can expect, my world after college hit me like a freight train. I dug myself far in debt all whilst justifying all my “needed” purchases. I figured since I was a college graduate I was entitled to a new car. Unfortunately, I didn’t have cash to pay for it. The odd thing is the first day I drove my new ride I turned on my brand new XM Radio. I found a guy named Dave Ramsey. I remember the topic of the show clearly as I sat on my financed heated seats. The topic was Cars and Money. I was intrigued so I raised the volume. An hour into the show I felt sick to my stomach. He was advising the callers to never finance a car. Leveraging a depreciating asset was completely ignorant. All the sudden the leather didn’t feel so nice. The rest of the story is pretty self explanatory. I ended up selling the car and devastating my soon to be bride (it was going to be her car once we got married). I wedded my soul mate and the weirdness began. Selling that sweet ride lowered our debt from $35k to $11k. We became debt free in November 2007. We even lamented the occasion by calling our inspiration and screaming WE ARE DEBT FREE!!! Now I have decided to bring my story to the world. I have a pain deep inside for people struggling with financial stress. I see too many marriages struggling and eventually ending because they can’t get it right. I hope you will join me in this adventure. We will do life together virtually. I’m excited for the accountability that will flow through this blog. Stay tuned. There are many great things to come…


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