Intentional in 2010

This year the tag phrase for my family is Intentional. My wife and I attended a goal planning retreat over the weekend which will benefit our childrens children. Not only did we work on our overall communication but we planned how we would be intentional in all aspects of our lives. For example, we want to be intentional in our finances i.e. budget. We want to be intentional in our ministry. To sum up the weekend we want to “happen” to our lives instead of 40 years down the road realizing that our lives have happened to us. So my questions today are:

– How are you being Intentional? and,

-What will you do today to happen to your life?



Starting Anew

I hope 2010 brings many new opportunities for the masses. I am excited to begin this blog with a fresh new perspective on the old boring topic of Personal Finance. If you are like me you know many families that are limping along living paycheck to paycheck wondering when their next break is coming. My aim with this blog is to proactively challenge the status quo and live differently than the world. I know your first thought is “that sounds great, BUT…”. You can insert whatever BUT you want at the end of that. Trust me, at my worst, I can fill in the blank endlessly. So what now???  Stop living a BUT life and start living a FREE life. Stay tuned…